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Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional LED

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Be inspired!

Be inspired! See our Specialist installation to guide your final choice. Take the time to look at various achievements to get an idea of ​​what you want as a final result. This is the time to consult design and architecture magazines and go on the web!

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 Choose from Diode's product range. You know what you want as a final result, now choose the right products to get it and choose from a wide selection of products, finishes and color temperatures. The PROJECTS section also gives you the details of the products used for each project.




Diode Lighting LED lighting Distributor in Montreal Laval North Shore

Sale LED Lighting, Recessed lights, Step Lights, High Bay, Neon Tube, Spotlight, Wall Pack

See our LED products used in various projects to help you get an idea of ​​what you want as a final result.

About DIODE Lighting

DIODE Lighting is one of the leading players in LED lighting distribution, engaged in the research and development of new products with advanced technology

Our products are certified according to the applicable Canadian standards

Our company is recognized in the offer of high quality LED products, energy efficient residential, commercial, institutional and industrial.

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